I grew up in New York City and went to school to be a teacher. I got my first masters in special education and taught in elementary schools in Queens and the south Bronx for 8 years. 

I loved teaching and working with my students, but I always felt like something was a little off. I learned how to teach the academics, but I found I was most excited about writing behavior plans and talking to my kids when they were having a hard day.

I decided to go back to school and get a second masters degree in clinical social work. Since beginning social work school and receiving my MSW, I have worked in outpatient community mental health clinics, university counseling centers, schools, and in home based therapy. I now work at a residential facility and love what I do!

In my private practice, I work with adults, kids, families, and professionals to help my clients reach their goals. I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Colorado (CSW.09927355).



When I was trying to think of a name for my practice, I really didn't know where to begin.

Some therapists use their own names for their practices, but my last name can be hard to pronounce at first (Purr-Jess). 

Then I thought about why I got into this field in the first place.

Most of us seek therapy because we're having a hard time finding our path, or making choices. But I truly believe that we all have an inner resilience, or strength, that can help us figure it out.

So that's how Oakpath Therapy was born. An oak tree symbolizes strength, and that can be used to help us find our path.